Marriage Consultant Ruth Houston

Ruth Houston, author of Is He Cheating on You? – 829 Telltale Signs, is an infidelity expert and writer/columnist whose lifestyle and relationship articles have appeared in magazines for the past 20 years. Her book, Is He Cheating on You? is the result of 9 years of in-depth research on infidelity that grew out of Ruth’s personal experience as an infidelity victim. She is the nation’s leading expert on detecting the warning signs of infidelity without the use of private investigators or surveillance equipment. Ruth has been a frequent guest on Good Day New York, TalkAmerica and other TV and radio talk shows nationwide. She also does individual infidelity consultations by e-mail or by phone. To sign up for her free infidelity newsletter or to learn more about infidelity or cheating husbands, visit www.IsHeCheating

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