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What to do if you are single and alone on Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day for Singles

It’s What You Make It
Realize that February 14th is really just another date on the calendar. It’s what you make it, and has all the importance you give it. Either downplay it, or create your own reasons to celebrate it.

Attitude Counts
If you can’t diminish the sadness it causes for you, then take action to limit its effect and to retain your personal power. Don’t fall victim to a negative mindset and the annual “drowning of the sorrows”. Instead, consciously focus on the good things in your life, rather than on what’s missing. Focus on friends, family and the other blessings you have.

Share the Love
While couples are celebrating love with each other, take this opportunity to celebrate the love you already have in your life. Make Valentine’s Day a time for spending time with family and friends. Give cards and gifts to your loved ones, bake cookies with your kids, babysit your nephews, volunteer to cheer up some lonely seniors. Pre-arrange a gift exchange with a good friend, same-sex or opposite. Don’t forget that love is about much more than just having a partner in your life.

In With the New
Create some great new Valentine’s Day memories this year. Organize a get-together with family or your other single pals. Throw a martini party, have a DVD night, or go out dancing. Focus on having fun and enjoying your friends!

TLC Time
In need of some TLC? Treat yourself to something special this week – a haircut, facial, or massage; a gift, a movie, a new DVD or your favourite meal.

Create More Fun
Take a course, join a gym, or join a club to pursue a new hobby & make some new friends. Concentrate on creating happiness and a full life apart from a partner.

Get Outta Town!
If the idea of being in town with umpteen lovebirds is still too much to take some years, if at all possible, get out of town. Book a vacation or a Bed & Breakfast night away with a pal. Go have a new adventure! Create a new tradition of re-charging your batteries around Valentine’s Day.


Put New Life in Your Dating Life
Set some new goals for your dating life. Try meeting people in new ways – singles events, dances, on-line, through new hobbies. Polish your social skills in new settings to increase your confidence. Review your dating readiness and what you need to work on to get there.

Create An Open Mind About Attracting Love
Believe you deserve love and that it will come to you. Keep your eyes and ears open to all opportunities for meeting new people. Improve your attitude, and change any negative or limiting beliefs. Consciously project positive energy, openness, and acceptance of others. Remember – you’ll attract what you project.

Keep Working On Yourself
Neutralize any major defense mechanisms, soften those emotional walls, & deal with any emotional baggage you’re carting around. Work on the traits that appeal to everyone – confidence, humour, an outgoing nature, a positive attitude, openness, kindness, & warmth. People aren’t drawn to negativity and neediness!

Seek Advice And Support From Others
Support and advice is available for finding and being ready for a loving relationship, whether from friends, social groups, family, life and dating coaches or therapists. Ask for support if you need it!

Keep On Developing Abundance In Your Life
Develop a life full of fun and positive energy. You’ll feel happier, and people will be drawn to the dynamic energy you project. Remember that being single is not a death sentence. It offers independence, personal growth, and the opportunity for a diverse social network. Remind yourself that you don’t need a partner to be complete! You’re already pretty amazing the way you are.

Kateryna Spiwak is a dating and interpersonal skills coach who helps singles build greater confidence and skill for more effective dating. She helps clients develop a polished personal image, stronger communication & body language skills, solid relationship assessment skills, and savvy with all aspects of the dating process. She works with individuals, conducts speaking engagements, and writes provocative articles on all aspects of dating.

Frequently consulted on dating issues by the national media, Kateryna has been widely featured in print, on radio, and on television. Her professional training includes a B.A. in Psychology, certification in Life Skills Coaching, and certification in Human Resources Management.

Kateryna can be reached at 416-762-4267; or visit www.dating essentials.com.

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