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What are some of things that makes a teen angry? Because understanding is the first step to communicating.

Angry Teens: What Makes Teens Angry?

Things That Make Teens Angry!

1. All the school work that is not necessary for our future.

2. The condition of the school – the bathrooms are a mess, lockers open without putting in a code, trash everywhere.

3. Locker jams.

4. Overcrowded!!

5. Writing complete sentences for answers.

6. Only 2 bathroom passes per semester.

7. Parents and teachers who refuse to listen to my point of view.

8. Lunch Detention.

9. Teachers who think they know everything.

10. Being labeled…my behavior might not be the best ball the time, but I am not my behavior.

11. Mainstream B.S. “Logo Appeal”.

12. Gossip, spread by other teens…and even teachers and
administrators too!

13. Being turned down by someone you like.

14. People who do not admit they made a mistake.

15. Teachers own success and disown failure.

16. Yes, I get stressed out too and that effects my day.

17. The Class Clown – just shut the h___ up so the teacher can teach.

18. Counselors who say “they understand my feelings” – they don’t live in my house.

19. Little brothers, little sisters…Big brothers, Big Sisters.

20. Parents who work all the time.

21. My parents divorce.

22. 3 hours of homework when I have been in school for 7 hours.


24. Getting bad grades.

25. “The Pressure”.

26. People accusing me of something I did not do.

27. Adults who forget what it was like when they were a teenager.

28. Acne.

29. Feeling alone.

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