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What does your teen want to hear from you?

Teens and Parents:What Teens Wish Their Parents Would Say

Things Teens Wish Their Parents Would Say!

1. You spend too much time doing homework, just go and play.

2. I was wrong about…..

3. Yes, the weekends are mostly your time; you have worked hard this week at school.

4. Your friends worry me, but I trust your judgment.

5. Don’t worry about cleaning your room.

6. Here is some money, spend it anyway you want to and go have fun.

7. Let me tell you about some of the learning experiences I had as a teen.

8. I love you no matter what you do.

9. I am going to sit down and listen while you talk.

10. I’m sorry.

11. You are right about…..

12. Do you want my advice, or do you just need to vent a little.

13. I’d like to understand you a little better. Do you mind sharing your ideas about…..?

14. I made a mistake.

15. I don’t know everything.

16. Yes, I get stressed out too and that effects my day.

17. O.K. I know you will get to your chores sometime today.

18. Thank You.

19. I can understand why you sometimes think we favor your brother/sister more.

20. Even if you are struggling with that one class, the rest of your grades are awesome.

21. That’s a tough decision you have to make. Do you want to talk about it?

22. Would you like a little time to yourself.

23. I can tell I hurt your feelings. I will try to watch those kinds of comments in the future.

24. Don’t panic about that mistake. What have you learned that will help next time?

25. Sometime I make the wrong decisions too.

26. When you hug me it fills up my heart.

27. What would you like the family to do for fun?

28. How can I help?

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