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Tips to consider when developing an op-ed piece as a PR tool.

Op-Eds: What They Are and Why to Place Them

An opinion-editorial, usually referred to as an op-ed piece, is an essay written for the newspaper page opposing the editorial page. This essay usually focuses on a single, newsworthy topic with broad social, legal or political implications. For example, a technology company could pen an op-ed on the importance of improving math and science curriculum among elementary and high-school students because this will afford a higher-caliber work force.

Here are tips and strategies to consider in developing an op-ed piece:

  • The byline ("written by" designation) of your op-ed should be one of your top-ranking executives or board members. Newspapers prefer op-eds to be penned by someone cited as an authority and based locally.

  • The essay should not be more than 750 words in length, depending on the newspaper’s editorial guidelines.

  • Newspapers will not print an op-ed that appears to be self-serving; don’t promote your company in it. The best-written op-ed pieces balance facts and figures with persuasion and positioning.

  • Consider offering your op-ed as an exclusive to one newspaper and ascertain if that paper is interested. If not, contact another newspaper, and another, until you have secured placement.

  • Once published, leverage your good press by alerting employees, customers, industry associations, sales channels, local governmental officials, the trade media, analysts and others. This could be done simply through an e-mail broadcast. You also should include a reprint of the op-ed in your company’s press kit.

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