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Five easy steps to making evening romantic.

Easy Steps to a Romantic Evening

If you don’t have the time, money or energy to plan and execute the perfect date, you’re not alone. Use these easy ideas to turn any evening at home into a romantic rendezvous.

1. Location
Pick a spot outside like the hammock, lawn furniture or simply throw a blanked down. The stars make great romantic scenery. If you’re staying in, pick a room you don’t normally spend a lot of time in. It will help keep your minds off daily routines

2. Lighting
Turn the lights down, light some candles, hang a string of white lights, or light torches if you’re outside.

3. Music
Turn on the radio. Play music that makes you feel good; it doesn’t have to be boring elevator music.

4. Edibles
Grab a nice dish and raid the cupboards. Romantic snack foods: cheese, crackers, grapes, and strawberries. But anything bite size will do such as peanuts, pretzels, etc. Put any drinks in wine glasses.

5. Alone
This is time for just the two of you. No company, no distractions. If you have kids, put them to bed before starting your date.

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