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How to change your perspective of failure so you don’t let it hold you back.

Overcoming Your Fear Of Failure

There is the “fear of failure” and “failure” itself. The purpose of this article is to change your perspective on both, as this may be one of the things that is holding you back from the sales success you deserve.

Your “fear of failure” may stop you from talking to potential clients. Fear is nature’s way of protecting you and it is very normal, the only challenge is that it sometimes manifests when not required. So when you’re about to talk to a potential client and you feel this fear, acknowledge it, thank it, and say that its services are not required at this time!

The next step is to move your focus from “fear of failure” to how you can help your potential client. Move your focus from yourself to your potential client.

A negative view of “failure” will not only stop you from talking to potential clients but it will severely influence the outcome of the conversation.

Imagine that you are about to talk to a potential client and you have the perspective that failure is a bad thing. What sort of impact does that have on you and how you come across? Are you hesitant? Unenthusiastic? Uncomfortable? Would this be attractive to a potential client?

Just suppose that instead you have the perspective that “failure” is just feedback and a natural part of the sales process. How do you think you will then come across? Relaxed? Confident? Natural? You may say, “easier said than done” to have this perspective. I say read on.

Thomas Edison failed over 3,000 times to develop the light bulb. Think about scientists. They are the failure masters; they never get it right the first time. Did you know that Colonel Saunders went through nine years of failure to perfect his secret blend of herbs and spices that is still used by KFC today? JK Rowling, turned down by several publishers, never let “failure”stop her. There are now over 103 million Harry Potter books in print.

Look around your house at all the appliances and gadgets you have. Look at your house, your car, and the kind of transport you use. Look at everything you come into contact with and use on a daily basis and think about the number of people who “failed” over and over so you could have all these things. I hope this is changing your perspective on failure.

Instead of thinking of “failure”, think of just an “outcome”. There is no such thing as failure, just feedback. Look at the outcome and feedback and ask yourself what you can learn from it. Find the lesson, learn from it and then move on to the next sales conversation. Instead of seeing unsuccessful outcomes as the enemy, see them as your friend guiding you to success.

Your services can really make a difference in people’s lives. Don’t you think you have an obligation to risk “failure” and have as many sales conversations with as many people as possible?

I challenge you to make this year the year of putting yourself “out there” and having as many sales conversations with potential clients as possible so you can help as many people as possible. Will you accept my challenge?

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