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How to choose the right sales leads company to generate leads for your businesss.

How To Choose A Sales Leads Company

Are you looking to outsource your sales lead management? Do you need a sales lead company that understands the importance of properly managing, developing, identifying and distributing qualified sales leads to your direct salespeople, dealers, reps or distributors?

If you answered yes, then you’ll need the following 8 tips for selecting a sales lead company:

1. Determine what your inquiry handling or sales lead management system must include.
Construct a flow chart of the process, including the steps required and the time allotted to each.

2. Prepare a "wish list" of the features your lead generation programs will include if budget allows.

3. Put together a package of background information for each vendor being reviewed. Include literature about your company, products or services as well as samples of current inquiry response materials.

4. Share your numbers with the vendors.
How many inquires per month? How many sales offices, reps, dealers or distributors are involved? How many different pieces of printed literature are required?

5. Get a written proposal.
The proposal is an easy way to check the sales lead management service company’s understanding of your needs. It should include background on the sales lead management service company, its qualifications, a detailed program recommendation and the related fees. Keep in mind that the quality of the proposal and its attention to detail will often serve as a reflection of the vendor’s quality and its attention to detail in all aspects.

6. Tour the sales lead management service company’s facilities.
Be sure to venture beyond the conference room, and go onto the production floor. Listen in on phone calls. Look over the shoulders of people who enter data and fulfill information requests. Be sure you meet the people who will actually be managing your business.

7. Check the sales lead management service’s references.
Ask to see a current customer list and look for other companies in your industry or market. Call these companies, not just the ones provided on a reference list. Ask about both the quality of the company’s services and the quality of the company’s customer service representative who handle their account.

8. Conduct a trial program.
Establish measurable objectives up-front, and then determine how long it will take to decide whether the relationship with the sales lead management service will be a good one. Consider running the trial program concurrently with your in-house operation until you are sure everything is working properly and smoothly.

M. H. “Mac” McIntosh is described by many as one of America’s leading business-to-business sales and marketing consultants and an expert on the subject of sales leads. He is president of Mac McIntosh Incorporated, a sales and marketing consulting firm specializing in helping companies get more high-quality sales leads and turn them into sales. Visit his Sales Leads Experts website for more information.

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