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What’s the difference between confident and cocky, and which are you?

Sales Professionals: Are you Confident or Cocky?

Confident salespeople sell more; they actually attract business. Cocky salespeople sell less; they repel business. So where do you draw the line between confidence and cockiness? And how do you know what you are? Here are some ways to figure it out.

  • Confidence is being honest and upfront regardless of the consequences. Cockiness is only disclosing the good stuff (and hiding the bad).

  • Confidence is focused outward. Cockiness is focused inward.

  • Confidence is knowing when to walk away from a deal. Cockiness is trying to get the business for the thrill of it, even when it’s not in the client’s best interests.

  • Confidence is being yourself. Cockiness is being what you want others to see.

  • Confidence is giving a new contact your attention at a networking event. Cockiness is constantly scanning the room for better prey.

  • Confidence is asking the right questions. Cockiness is making big statements.

  • Confidence is laughing at your own mistakes. Cockiness is laughing at your own jokes.

  • Confidence is being prepared. Cockiness is faking it.

  • Confidence is knowing you’re a great salesperson. Cockiness is making sure everyone else thinks you are within the first five minutes of meeting them.

Will Turner is the Founder and President of Dancing Elephants Achievement Group. Will has trained thousands of salespeople and business owners and authored over 100 articles on sales-related topics. He is also the creator of dozens of sale seminar programs, as well as the Sales Magnetism program which helps salespeople move beyond consultative selling to the next level of client relationships. He is the co-author of Six Secrets of Sales Magnets. For more information visit Dancingelephants.net

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