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Achieve your goals by creating the habit of success through repeating the processes involved until it becomes a habit.

The Habit Of Success

Have you ever experienced a success in life? If so, then you can use that knowledge to easily create the Habit of Success.

Do you remember the time and effort you put into learning to walk?
Probably not; and yet you do it effortlessly every day.

For most of us walking is a simple activity we do easily without too much effort. But at one time it was a difficult challenge that we had to overcome. When a child first learns to walk they begin by crawling to a couch or a chair and use it to pull themselves up so that they can take a few tentative steps. Typically, these first steps are followed by a stumble and a fall. But after a while they try again, even though they may fall a few more times, they keep trying and soon become skilled at walking. Finally, much to mom and dad’s chagrin, the child is easily running around the house getting into mischief.


Scientists and doctors tell us this is quite a feat. Coordinating the dozens of muscles required for balancing ourselves up-right and then propelling ourselves forward is a very complicated process. With practice and time we mastered the skill and made it an every day habit. When we want to get off the couch to pick up a book or answer the door we don’t stop to think about how to perform this balancing act, we simply stand up and walk to where we want to go. Now of course, we could crawl if we chose to, but we have learned that walking is much more efficient, practical and socially acceptable. So we’ve chosen to make a habit of walking from place to place.

What was the secret to mastering this complex skill of walking?

There were several factors involved that led to walking successfully. It was more than simply learning to control the muscles for balance and moving ourselves forward. We had to begin with motivation, a purpose, and some incentive that would compel us to take on the effort. Usually this incentive came in the form of a supportive and enthusiastic cheering section, mom and dad. Our parents encouraged us and showed us what to do. And with their support we continued practicing until we got good at it.

So, how can you use this going forward?

For most of us, walking is a simple activity we do easily. But, as with all things, it was a skill that had to be mastered over time and with a lot of practice. Now it’s a habit to stand up, balance, lean forward and put one foot in front of the other.

The beauty of understanding this process is that you can apply the same concept to create success in other areas of your life. To achieve any goal you must simply learn what steps and skills are required to reach it, then apply those steps and practice the skills over and over. Before long, taking the steps and performing the skills become your habit. The habit then becomes a common part of your life as the goal is achieved. Following this process again and again creates the habit of success in your life.

If you think about it you’ve been using the habit of success ever since you were a child and first learned to walk. So go ahead, decide on a goal, stand up, balance, lean forward and then put one foot in front of the other until you create the habit of success and achieve your goal.

Edward Aldama is a professional life coach, founder of the ABLE Institute for Self-Fulfillment in Phoenix, Arizona and author of “The Success Habit Secret.” Edward received certification as a Transformational Life Coach from the Southwest Institute of Heling Arts and also holds a Bachelor’s in Business from the University of Phoenix and an MBA from Western International University. As a life coach Edward enjoys working with clients to develop simple, straight-forward strategies for successfully achieving personal and professional goals. Edward can be contacted.

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