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Six steps to help you stay motivated and on-task.

Stay Motivated

Most of us suffer from “Good Intention Syndrome,” a condition where we have a great goal but always seem to have a reason to delay pursuing it. There really is NO reason not to get working on your goals. The trick is to muster discipline to put you in motion. Here are some ideas to give you a jump-start:

1) Set deadlines for tasks and don’t allow yourself to miss them.

2) Ask yourself what’s the most important thing you could be doing at any given moment. Work on top priorities.

3) Remind yourself how your life will improve when this goal is achieved.

4) Talk about it constantly to other people to keep yourself focused. (This helped me train for the L.A. Marathon. It also put pressure on me to train so I wouldn’t embarrass myself by giving up.)

5) Dedicate a specific, uninterrupted time during the day to work on your goal. NEVER violate this time. (I’m currently working on a writing project and the early morning is my sacred time.)

6) If nothing else, devote 12 minutes a day toward your goal. If you do this five days a week, it’ll add up to four hours a month. After a few months, you WILL SEE RESULTS.

For over 10 years, Scott has been a motivational speaker and leadership consultant. A graduate of UCLA, Scott has devoted his life to studying personal growth, leadership, and group interaction. Scott’s positive attitude impacts his audiences and shows them how to use laughter to overcome their fears and meet any challenge head-on.

Scott has given presentations for the United Nations and the California Department of Education. Today Scott is an established Hollywood screen writing consultant working within the movie industry. For more information visit: www.scott

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