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How to sharpen your risk taking behaviour.

Taking Risks

We all have a negative voice in our heads who stops us from taking risks. I’d like to review a few risk taking techniques that I use regularly to get great results. Try ’em and see how you do. I think you’ll be pleased with what you accomplish:

DON’T THINK TOO MUCH BEFORE TAKING A RISK. The easiest way to get into a cold swimming pool is to jump right in. The same can be said for taking risks. Hesitating will only psyche you out.

WHEN YOU JUMP, JUMP BIG. Don’t hold back. Fully commit yourself.

IF YOU DON’T A-S-K, you won’t G-E-T. Come right out and ask for what you want. People will appreciate you being straight with them.

EMBRACE FAILURE AND REJECTION: Think of failure as an opportunity to learn. If things don’t work out, figure out why. Then make some changes and try again.

BE A JUDGE, NOT A SUSPECT. Don’t worry about what others think. Instead, you should be the one who does thinking. (This doesn’t mean be judgmental. It just means believing that your opinion and way of doing things is as good as anyone else’s.)

FOCUS LESS ON YOUR IMAGE AND MORE ON WHAT YOU WANT. Do what you must to succeed without concern for your reputation or appearance.

FOCUS ON FACTS, NOT ON FEELINGS. Don’t let insecurity lead to incorrect assumptions about yourself. Examine your situation and wait for tangible facts before determining whether or not there’s a problem.

PRACTICE TAKING RISKS. It does get easier.

ASK YOURSELF WHAT YOU REALLY HAVE TO LOSE. Most of the time it’s about ego and less about any real loss.

GO FIRST. Have the courage to something before waiting to see if others are willing.

TAKE RESPONSIBLE RISKS: Never risk your physical safety or the safety of others. Always pursue healthy goals.

Make these practices part of your lifestyle and I will guarantee that you will be a more powerful leader and more fulfilled human being.

For over 10 years, Scott has been a motivational speaker and leadership consultant. A graduate of UCLA, Scott has devoted his life to studying personal growth, leadership, and group interaction. Scott’s positive attitude impacts his audiences and shows them how to use laughter to overcome their fears and meet any challenge head-on.

Scott has given presentations for the United Nations and the California Department of Education. Today Scott is an established Hollywood screen writing consultant working within the movie industry. For more information visit: www.scott

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