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Do’s and don’t’s for your big day.

Bridal Make-Up Tips

On your wedding day, you want to look fabulous-but remain true to yourself. You don’t want to look like a stranger in your wedding photos.

  • Don’t usually wear makeup? Bend your rule just a little. At the very least, your skin should look flawless and glowing.

  • Take a tip from the film industry: before applying foundation, apply a transparent gel or “primer.” It forms a barrier between your skin and makeup, so makeup stays on and colors stay true. It also keeps makeup out of your pores.

  • Define your eyes, aiming for a natural look:

    • Shape eyes softly with eyeliner – smudgeable powder liner works best. Avoid a harsh line.

    • Curl your lashes. Hold the curler against dry lashes for five seconds, then apply 2-3 layers of mascara (waterproof, of course).

    • Working with a professional? Have her add individual false lashes in the outside corners for impact.

  • Choose your eye shadow carefully!

    • Avoid trendy colors. (Although blue is in right now, photos will look dated later.)

    • Avoid bright colors-they scream out of photos.

    • Stay away from gray; it makes skin look ashy.

    • Choose a true color. Neutrals are best.

  • Make the most of your lips:

    • Lip liner frames your lips and holds color in. But choose a natural color – nothing too dark.

    • For best results, brush your lipstick on. Add a small amount of gloss, applied to the center of your bottom lip, for a special glow.

    • Avoid pale, pale colors-your lips will fade into your dress.

    • Keep a balance between your lips and your eyes.

  • Love to tan? Go easy-too much tanning looks artificial and harsh in photos.

  • Have your wedding makeup professionally applied. The difference in front of the camera is startling.

  • Take a few days off from makeup before the wedding-give your skin a rest.

  • Sleep, sleep, sleep (if you can)! Nothing helps your skin more.

Elise Brill is president of www.Leesib.com, an online make up company. As a make-up artist specializing in weddings, she became obsessed with the idea of making high-performance makeup available at affordable prices – and thus after two years research she come up with her product line, Leesi B. Cosmetics. She features over 200 products created by the same manufacturers who make the best-known designer cosmetics – but at a fraction of the cost.

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