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Motivational weight loss techniques.

Weight Loss Motivation: How to Keep Up Your Enthusiasm

Consider this scenario. On July 1, Jane and Jill both resolve to eat well and exercise more. Jane makes her resolution with excitement, eagerness and wholehearted anticipation or reaching her goal. Jill’s resolution, on the other hand, is made with halfhearted commitment and detachment.

When she talks about the possibility of losing weight and living a healthier life, Jane is passionate and exuberant, while Jill responds to questions about her weight management goals with only lukewarm interest.

On December 31, assuming their attitudes don’t change during the year, which of these two women is most likely to reach the weight loss and management goals with only lukewarm interest.

Enthusiasm is critical to the success of any endeavor, but this is especially true in the area of weight loss and management. Think about it. When we are feeling down and out, that is when we are most likely to overeat and least likely to exercise. Our passionate desire to achieve a goal is what will drive us to get up at 5:00 am and exercise before going to work or to pass on a second helping of scalloped potatoes.

Need help jumpstarting your enthusiasm? The following is a list of things you can do to act enthusiastic until you feel enthusiastic:

1. Call the most enthusiastic person you know.

2. Rent an inspirational video like “Rocky” or “Working Girl.”

3. Do something that makes you break a sweat.

4. Stand in the mirror and shout the word “yes” as loudly and passionately as you can.

5. Buy a motivational tape or cd to play in the car while driving.

6. Make a list of the benefits of reaching your goals.

7. Organize a pep rally with people on a mission similar to your own.

8. Spend time doing something you absolutely love to do.

9. Talk the talk. Eliminate negative speak from your vocabulary.

10. Get plenty of rest. It’s hard to feel enthused, eager or exhilarated when you’re tired.

Jackie Stanley is the creator of a series of personal wellness and weight loss journals titled “Lettuce Is Not Enough.” She can be reached at 336.854.8667 or at Lettuce Is Not Enough.

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