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How and why you can and should practice yoga at home.

Yoga At Home

There is a wonderful quietness that can permeate your very being when you practice yoga at home. The environment in which you practice yoga at home is very influential on your feelings and thoughts which emerge once you roll up your mat. Take time to create a special place and then follow these simple tips to enjoy your home based practice.

  • Try to practise at the same time of day each time you come to your mat
  • Make sure you have enough space to comfortably stretch
  • Dress in layers, ensure the temperature of the room is comfortable, the lighting is soft and the music is relaxing
  • Go at your own pace / Take frequent breaks in Child’s Pose if you need to
  • Listen to and honour your body, and the signals you are receiving…remember, every day your flexibility, balance and co-ordination is different
  • Eat something light (fruit or cheese & crackers) an hour before you practise, so that you have adequate “fuel” for your yoga practice
  • Enter your practice well hydrated, and refrain from drinking until you are done. (The principle here is to allow the healing heat to radiate through your body, and then to replenish once you are done.)


  • Strengthen and lengthen – go for stretch and flexibility, as well as promoting stress release / increased vitality
  • Focus on your breath…the bridge between your mind and your body
  • Build heat in your core using a smooth flow of poses / breathing deeply through your nose (Ujayi breathing “the Victorious Breath”)
  • Breathing should allow you to clear your mind / sink deeper into the posture / Connect breath with movement
  • Clear your mind – let go of any expectations or self-judgment
  • Smile and enjoy your yoga experience…it is one thing that you can do all your life that will benefit you mentally and physically

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