By Joshua Lucas

The bare bones of web design and E-commerce issues for the small business.


Issue # 1 - An Introduction to the Series
     Exploring the history of business on-line

Issue # 2 - The Dangers of going on-line
     What are they?

Issue # 3 - Knowledge is Power
     Search from this column for your competition!

Issue # 4 - Know Your Customer
    They've got all the information you need

Issue # 5 - Survey Your Clients
    The road to a successful site is paved with feedback

Issue # 6 - Putting It All Together
     You've got the information you need to build a site. Now what?

Issue # 7 - The Building Blocks of any Web Community
     Some thoughts on the importance of e-mail and regular updates

Issue # 8 - What Community Can Do For Your Traffic and Your Business
    Including an example of how to take advantage of it

Issue # 9 - Tips for Finding The Right Web Site Design Company
    What to look for to bring your well-researched ideas to life

Issue # 10 - Tips for Working with a Long Distance Web Site Design Company
    Can you work virtually with a web site design company?

Issue # 11 - Bells and Whistles
    Does your site need multimedia content to be succesful?

Issue # 12 - After the Launch
    What to do once the site is up and running

Issue # 13 - Final Thoughts After the Launch
     Notes about weekly content and "humanizing" your site.

Issue # 14 - An Introduction to E-commerce
     What is it? What are the inherent dangers?

Issue # 15 - Business to Business E-mail
     Using electronic methods for cost-effective communication.

Issue # 16 - E-security
     Security concerns on the Web, as they purtain to business.