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Shoestring Retail Store Display Merchandising Tips

Upgrade lighting whenever you can.
Store windows especially need to be well lit. There are some great little halogen spotlights out there that are inexpensive and easy to install. They are terrific for highlighting display areas. Just make sure they are installed safely and the cords are unobtrusive.

An inexpensive can of paint...
...can be used to paint your fixtures to match, or touch up chips and keep things looking new.

Fabric and paper are two valuable display helpers.
Use them under or behind a display to provide a backdrop, use a scarf to add colour and movement to a static arrangement. To avoid a busy look, stick to a few colours and textures that complement your store design and merchandise

Use magazines as a source of ideas for displays.
Find time to go to the library so you can browse for free. Look at do-it-yourself magazines for hardware, home decor magazines for giftware and housewares, etc. The full page ads, feature stories and new product listings are helpful

Melanie McIntosh is a Retail Consultant and the founder of Inspire Retail Solutions, a British Columbia firm that helps retailers create strong, professional business images that attract customers.

Melanie is currently offering a free consultation for interested retailers. She can be reached by email.

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