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How to clean and store your silver.

Silver Cleaning and Storage

Cleaning your silver
Here are a couple of methods to clean your silver;

  • Commercial cleaners.
    A wide assortment of commercial cleaners is available at grocery and hardware stores. The less abrasive the cleaner, the better.

  • Aluminum foil method
    This fast working homemade remedy works like a charm. Add to pot of boiling water a piece of aluminum foil, salt or a water softener such as Calgon. The chemical reaction among these elements quickly lifts tarnish. Works well for cutlery, trays etc.

  • Toothpaste
    An old standby that works in a pinch. Apply with a soft toothbrush. Remove with soft clean cloth.

Storing your silver
A humid environment encourages tarnishing. Caustic elements such as sulfur and salt cause tarnishing and pitting. Using one and/or more of these techniques will help to create a barrier between your precious silver and that pesky tarnish.

  • Anti-tarnish strips
    Can be added to drawers where silver is stored. These strips, containing activated charcoal absorb tarnish producing gases.

  • Kenzied cloth
    Line your drawers with this 100 per cent cotton per cent cotton flannel cloth. When used in combination with anti-tarnish strips, they provide a good barrier.

  • Polyethylene bags
    Store silver pieces in polyethylene bags that create a barrier from tarnish producing gases.

  • Desiccated silica gel & activated charcoal
    Add to storage area a small container of desiccated silica gel that absorbs water to keep humidity levels low and a small container of activated charcoal. This one-two combination packs a punch and absorbs harmful gases. Works well when added to polyethylene bag.

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