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What is The Sideroad?
We are an ever-growing reference site that offers practical advice, straight from the experts, in a wide variety of areas. You can find this advice through our Expert Articles or Expert Interviews sections.

Unlike conventional magazines, newspapers or websites, we bypass the writer, journalist, or “self-appointed guru” to connect you directly to a proven subject expert.

Have you won any awards?
Yes! We collect our award-winning articles here.

How do you choose the articles and experts?
The Sideroad staff researches our audience’s interests, then looks for an expert we feel can speak to that interest.

Our standards are high.   For every article or expert featured here, we’ve reviewed as many as 20 experts to find the one we feel offers the most straightforward, practical advice on that subject.

What can you tell me about your integrity?
Integrity is a key component of the experts we choose to feature here. We don’t charge our experts to be featured, nor can they buy their way into a placement.

Editorial integrity is equally important. Our advertising is handled by an ad network that works on an auction-basis, so our editorial control is not influenced in any way by our advertisers. If a single advertiser or group of advertisers did attempt to pressure us editorially, our ad network ensures a steady stream of replacements.

How Popular Is This Site?
We help an average of 160,000 new people a month find the practical advice for which they are searching, and have reached over 10,000,000 people since 2004. We have also been consistently ranked in the Top 10 Ezines out of more than 300 Ezine and Magazine sites listed by Alexa.com, since Spring 2005. We’re also  # 3 in the Top General/Reference sites at Ranking.com.

Why did you choose the name “Sideroad”?
Chosen in 1997, the name has its roots in the popular-at-the-time metaphor of the “information highway”. We’re an alternative to the busy mainstream media “highways”, a shorter path to the information you need.

What was the Original Sideroad ?
It was a ground-breaking weekly ezine that ran from ’97 – ’99, “oft-quoted as a trailblazer of in the field of digital publishing”. The new Sideroad expands and improves upon the original idea. Click here for the Archives of the best of the original Sideroad Ezine. The 10th Anniversary of the founding of The Sideroad was on Nov. 3, 2007.

Who publishes The Sideroad?
Blue Boulder Internet Publishing.

When was the site redesigned?
We added the weekly Expert Interviews section on July 11, 2007.


Is this a free service?
Yes it is. There is no charge to be featured on The Sideroad. Alternately, you can not buy your way into a placement here.

Who owns the copyright to these articles?
You do. It’s your work! We direct additional re-print requests to you.

How long will my work be featured here?
Your work will be featured here indefinitely (our original archives have been up for more than 10 years); otherwise, you may remove it any time by request.

How can I send you my article submission?
We will be taking new submissions in October 2009. More details will be posted at that time. If you are a current expert, please write me at the email below to add new material to your section.


The Sideroad

Michael A. Chwastiak,
Founder & Editor,
Blue Boulder
Simcoe, Ontario, Canada. N3Y 4X2

Twitter: http://twitter.com/MikeChwastiak

Email: * [email protected]  Please note we don’t do affliate programs, link trades or link exchanges, and we don’t sell text links directly on any of our pages (you can use our ad network instead).

*NOTE: First-time emailers will need to authenticate themselves to our email system before we can receive their message. Look in your own spam email box for an authentication message from SpamArrest if you don’t receive one right away.


Updated September 2009

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