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Lydia Ramsey Lydia Ramsey
Lydia Ramsey is a business etiquette expert, professional speaker, corporate trainer and author of “Manner That Sell – Adding… Click for more
Neil Payne Neil Payne
Neil Payne has travelled, worked and studied extensively in the Middle East. Based in London, UK, he has successfully complete… Click for more
Lillian  D. Bjorseth Lillian D. Bjorseth
Lillian D. Bjorseth, according to the The Chicago Tribune, is a “networking expert”. The Association Forum of Chicagoland call… Click for more
Aviva Shiff Aviva Shiff
Aviva Shiff, co-founder of Spark Training & Coaching Associates, helps businesses discover and amplify their talent through in… Click for more
Steve Kaye, Ph.D. Steve Kaye, Ph.D.
Steve Kaye, author and IAF Certified Professional Facilitator, helps leaders hold effective meetings. His facilitation produce… Click for more
Rana Sinha Rana Sinha
Rana Sinha is a cross-cultural consultant and author who has lived in many places and traveled in over 80 countries. Rana run… Click for more
Martin Cohn Martin Cohn
Martin Cohn has over 30 years of experience in all facets of marketing communications. With an extensive background in public … Click for more
Judith Kallos Judith Kallos
Judith Kallos is an authoritative and good-humored Technology Muse whose 15 years of successful online experience and personal… Click for more
Kevin Eikenberry Kevin Eikenberry
Kevin Eikenberry is an expert in converting organizational, team and individual potential into desired results, and the Chief … Click for more
Catherine Franz Catherine Franz
Catherine Franz, is a syndicated columnist, author, radio talk show host on marketing and business, International speaker, an… Click for more
Mark Sichel Mark Sichel
Mark Sichel is the author of the best selling and highly acclaimed book, Healing From Family Rifts. Mark has been a practicin… Click for more
Helen Wilkie Helen Wilkie
Helen Wilkie is a professional keynote speaker, workshop leader and author specializing in applied communication. Read more ar… Click for more
Cara Good Cara Good
Cara Good is the co-founder and president of WunderMarx Inc., a fast-growing international public relations, marketing and bra… Click for more
Kate Zabriskie Kate Zabriskie
Founder, Kate Zabriskie and her team of trainers at Business Training Works, Inc. work with the Fortune 500, government, and s… Click for more
Dana  Bristol-Smith Dana Bristol-Smith
Dana Bristol-Smith is the founder of Speak for Success, an organization that works with companies that want their people to co… Click for more

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