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Rob Stringer Rob Stringer
Rob Stringer is an award-winning educator, speaker and author who coaches parents with his upbeat approach to learning, and pa… Click for more
Jan Andersen Jan Andersen
Jan Andersen is the owner of Mothers Over 40, a site which offers encouragement and inspiration to older parents around the … Click for more
Steve Cross Steve Cross
Steve Cross, President of Guardian Software, is a columnist, author, and the former President of family-friendly internet pion… Click for more
Jean Tracy Jean Tracy

Jean Tracy – “Granny Jean” – graduated from Seattle University with a degree in Education. She taught elementary school in … Click for more

Joseph Gandolfo Joseph Gandolfo
A Voice For The Advancement Of Fatherhood Professional Speaker, Trainer, Author, Licensed Counselor and Consultant “America’s… Click for more
Destry Maycock Destry Maycock
Destry has had over eleven years experience working with children and families as a professional Social Worker. He has also ta… Click for more
Rachel Bondi Rachel Bondi
Rachel Bondi founded Earning Power after researching and consulting privately on the topic of women’s equality in business si… Click for more
Lesley Cordero Lesley Cordero
Lesley Cordero’s mission is to significantly change people’s lives by helping them to ‘see things differently’. Cordero Con… Click for more
Rachel Paxton Rachel Paxton
Rachel Paxton is a freelance writer and mom who is the author of the “What’s for Dinner?” cookbook, a cookbook containing more… Click for more
C.J. Hayden C.J. Hayden
C.J. Hayden, is the best-selling author of “Get Clients Now!”, “Click for more
Kim Beardsmore Kim Beardsmore
Kim Beardsmore is an Independent Herbalife Distributor, weight loss coach and author of the online magazine Weight Loss Health… Click for more
Barbara Hemphill Barbara Hemphill
Barbara Hemphill is the author of many books, including Kiplinger’s “Taming the Paper Tiger at WorkClick for more
Michele Silence Michele Silence
Michele Silence, M.A. is owner of Aerobic Fitness Consultants, Inc. and the creator of KID-FIT physical education classes for … Click for more
Diana Keuilian Diana Keuilian
Diana Keuilian, Certified Personal Trainer, and author of “Avoid The Freshman Fifteen”, has a proven method for avoiding colle… Click for more
Geralin Thomas Geralin Thomas
Geralin Thomas of METROPOLITAN Organizing ® is experienced in both residential and home office organizing. She always consider… Click for more
Jo Ball Jo Ball
Jo Ball, LCA, Dip, is a stepfamily coach and founder of The Stepfamily Coach that offers support and advice to divorced or sep… Click for more

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