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Barbara Hemphill Barbara Hemphill
Barbara Hemphill is the author of many books, including Kiplinger’s “Taming the Paper Tiger at WorkClick for more
Cara Goldsbury Cara Goldsbury
Cara Goldsbury is the author of The Luxury Guide to Walt Disney World® Resort. In 2008 she appeared as a leading Disney … Click for more
Diana Keuilian Diana Keuilian
Diana Keuilian, Certified Personal Trainer, and author of “Avoid The Freshman Fifteen”, has a proven method for avoiding colle… Click for more
Karen Hiser Karen Hiser
Karen Hiser is the owner and Chief Fitness Officer of Healthy Travel Network. Healthy Travel Network is the premier resource … Click for more
Laura  Wood Laura Wood
Laura Wood practices what she preaches with over a decade of international study and work experience. Educated in Canada and … Click for more

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