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Answering the question of whether muscles turn into fat.

Do Muscles Turn into Fat?

Muscle is always muscle and Fat is always Fat.

You cannot turn one into the other. When you stop any fitness training program, your caloric demand will be reduced.

Most people have a difficult time adjusting to the changes in their fitness program in relationship to food consumption.

Also within 72 hours since your last workout, the body begins a gentle, almost undetectable slide into sloth. In time, muscle mass decreases. Muscles that used to incinerate calories and crank up your metabolism while at rest, do not work as efficiently and hence less calories burned.

The body at this point does not burn fat as efficiently and then Fat gains get accelerated and this process is compounded by a declining metabolism, diminished muscle mass, and failure to adjust your caloric intake.

So muscle doesn’t turn into fat at all…

…The Fat just consumes and takes over your Body!

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