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Five steps to spring cleaning to get your home organized.

Organizing Tools for Spring Cleaning

Setting The Tone For An Organized Year

Spring is coming and this spring you decided to get organized but may still have no idea how to begin. You’ve probably heard the old adage that “having the right tool is half the job.” This wisdom applies to organization as well. You can’t get organized if you don’t have the right tools to get the job done. Here are five organizing ideas to get your home or office categorized, organized and simplified.

  1. Clipboards.
    Hang several clipboards with different types of information on wall hooks in your home. Label them with large letters so they can be easily identified from a distance. They can be used for keeping mail, bills, client invoices, driving directions, catalogs, kids’ schedules and paperwork from school, emergency numbers, neighborhood or family phone lists, coupons, chore sheets or your shopping list.
  2. Clear plastic bins.
    Clear bins of all sizes are great organizational tools. They are ideal for corralling items, and their transparency allows you to see the contents inside easily. These tools are great for grouping small office supplies on a shelf, staff members memos or mail, kids art supplies, games, toys, tools, house painting supplies, or out of season clothing. Try using them without lids in the pantry to keep small, boxed food items separate and easily inventoried, or inside of cabinets to hold pouches of dry sauce and salad dressing mix.
  3. Clear or translucent wall bins.
    These are plastic pockets, which hang on the wall. They are perfect for storing papers, magazines, mail, bills, blank forms or catalogs. Be sure to label each one clearly so they don’t become catch-all places to toss things.
  4. Color-coded folders.
    Use color to identify different types of information. This system works best if the information is stored together in blocks in a file box. If a file is misfiled into the wrong section, you can easily spot it because of its color designation. Even if you just choose one color, you can alternate it with your standard folders to create a more visually simple file system.

You can have an organized home or office it if you give yourself the right tools, invest a chunk of time and allow your creative energies to flow. Remember, organization is simply knowing what you have and being able to access it at the moment you need it.

Whatever systems you choose to develop in your home and work place to meet that need are fine, as long as they are simple and easy to maintain. These inexpensive organizing tools will help you get organized and stay that way.

Monica Ricci has been an organizing and productivity specialist since 1999. She offers onsite consulting, as well as motivational seminars and workshops, which teach effective organizing and simplifying and effectiveness strategies for home and work. Reach Monica at www.Catalyst or ph: 770-569-2642.

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