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What is prosperity, and how can you start achieving it?

What is Prosperity?

One dictionary definition of prosperity is: “a state of being prosperous, wealth or success”. Having money can be part of the equation, but not always. Prosperity isn’t about what you have or own, but what you feel about what you have or own. It is about recognising life’s abundance.

There are people who, on the surface, don’t have much, but appreciate what they do have and feel prosperous. Conversely there are others who seem to have a lot, but don’t feel prosperous or have a sense of lack in their lives. No matter how much they have, it’s never enough. They need to look at the abundance law.

The Law of Attraction
The Law of Attraction as defined by Abraham Hicks states that “you attract to yourself what you give your attention and energy to, whether wanted or unwanted”. So, if you’re curious about what you’re putting out there, look at what you’re attracting, the visible results in your life. Knowing about and working with this Law can help you to manifest, attract and therefore create more prosperity in your life. The Law is simple in concept and once you understand it, there’s no turning back.

We create our own reality. We attract those things in our lives (money, relationships, employment) that we focus on. When we focus on having less, then that is the experience we create for ourselves. Saying that “I hate my job” will just cause the negative aspects of the job to loom larger and we’ll never see the aspects that might be satisfying.

Just wanting something isn’t enough, because we still continue to think about what we don’t have. Always focusing on what we lack means that we don’t see the present and future possibilities, or realise our true desires.

For instance, we often focus on what we’ll do if we won the lottery. Who hasn’t played this game, it can be a fun one to play (although there are better games), if it makes us realise our true desires and what we can do about them now. Unfortunately, most of us play it to destructive effect, creating the feeling of lack in our lives.

So if someone says that when they win the lottery, they’ll travel, buy a new house, give a large sum to their favourite charity, that’s fine. But why not travel (and work your way around to obtain funding), make changes to the house they’re in, give a smaller amount of money to their favourite charity or their time.

Ultimately, prosperity is a state of mind, but more importantly, is about your feelings and emotions about your life. There have been times when I’ve felt very prosperous and appreciated everything I had – I didn’t necessarily have a lot of money in the bank – but everything was fine.

There have also been times when I’ve had more money, but acting through fear and desperation, “lost” it and consequently didn’t feel prosperous at all.

Appreciating life’s abundance is one way to opening yourself up to accept more good in your life. When you fully appreciate what you have in your life, the Universe has a way of giving you more.

It’s like accepting a compliment, when you accept it graciously, you’ll receive more compliments. And the opposite happens too. So keep a gratitude journal. At the end of the day, write down everything that you are thankful and appreciative of in your life. So that you’ll change your energy and vibration and that you are internally aligned with what you want to create in your life.

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