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Simple steps to discover your purpose in life.

What is Your Purpose in Life?

The more I learn about me the more I honor and protect my soul, spirit and mind. I also find I am able to give to and receive from the people that love me. Learning about yourself is important. I wish this would be a priority on everyone’s agenda, yet most of the people that I know are more eager to learn about new software than what they really want to do in this life. How truthful is your mission to yourself and to the ones that love you? Let’s say you feel “stuck” in your occupation. Couldn’t that be because you feel unappreciated? When you’re lonely, is it because you have no one to enlighten you, advise you and warm-heartedly support you?

As you go through and consider what you do best, ask yourself if you are completely satisfied with what you see. If you are a writer and that is your daily job – can you see yourself doing something else? If writing is your passion then what is the real purpose for this job you do? Maybe it’s to provide financial support or maybe it’s to write about a topic that will make a difference in someone’s life?

All of us exist for a reason; yet, we fail to realize this until it is too late. My purpose in writing this article is to remind you of what you were actually meant to do on this earth. Don’t settle for less than what you deserve.

Here are few tips that can help you in finding your purpose in life.

1. Live a legacy.
How do you want to be remembered? Go over your life, your achievements, failures and your abandoned dreams. Now that you have that picture, ask the question, “Is the life that I live today the life that I want people to remember me by?” I’ll tell you a little something my masseuse mentioned last week. I found it inspiring.

She told me of a trip she was going to take to Hong Kong. Her plan was to attend a conference there with her husband. She ended up going way overboard with her credit cards, but with a smile she told me, “Carole, I finally admitted to myself that I’m getting older, not richer. I have the opportunity to go so I’m going. We never know when our last day on this earth will be.” Plan for the future but don’t forget to live in the present.

2. Expand your network of friends.
By having more people around that love you, you will be in a better position to discover your true purpose. Brainstorm with them; ask them what they think of you. What do they like, what attributes do they see in you? You may discover something that you have not even thought about? Explore with them. You will be surprised what you will learn about you by hanging out with the right people

3. Talk with professionals.
Sometimes others notice specific attributes about us that we can’t see. Talking with a professional counselor or a career coach could provide you with life-purpose or occupation ideas that you have not even considered.

4. Start your own life purpose support group.
Active participation from others that seek answers to the same questions you do will only accelerate your road to the truth. You will get challenged and you will be able to see things that you were not able to see by yourself.

5. Track the days you laugh.
Yes, how many times were you really happy? Pay attention to what gives you absolutely joy. Now, imagine if someone were going to pay you doing what brings you joy. You would almost feel as if you were cheating someone. Who ever heard of getting paid for doing something that brought you pleasure?

The list can go on and on, but my intention here is very simple. Remind yourself that you are every special. You owe it yourself to find out your true purpose, and only you will be able to live that purpose to its fullest potential. Just remind yourself before you go to bed that you DO make a difference.

In closing, I’ll leave you with these questions to ponder.

  • What vision and goals will guide your choices?
  • How will you model the way for the 21st Century?
  • What risks must you take to live a legacy?
  • How will you ensure you remain focused and succeed?

Carole Nicolaides, MBA, is the President of Progressive Leadership, Inc. She offers Personal & Business Success Coaching, customized coaching-consulting, teleclass services in the areas of Branding Strategy, Business Planning and Leadership Development. Carole thrives in assisting entrepreneurs and executives reaching their full potential and living their best life. Subscribe to her FREE Ezine or book your FREE coaching session by visiting her site at Progressive Leadership.

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