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Hair removal tips, including tips for having your brows waxed at a salon.

Hair Removal Tips

People have been removing unwanted hair for thousands of years. Archeological digs show evidence of flint razors dating back to 30,000 B.C. Like clothing, the fashions for hair removal have come and gone over the centuries.

It’s always a good time to look at the current hair removal methods. If you’ve fallen into a “rut” with this part of your life, it’s probably time to determine if what you’re currently doing is still the best solution for you.

Tweeze or wax eyebrows to remove unruly hairs or any hair between brows. Follow your natural brow shape instead of the latest trends-brows tend to re-grow slowly or sometimes, not at all. You don’t want to be stuck with an over-tweezed look.

When having your brows waxed at a salon, consider these tips:

1. Avoid using Alpha Hydroxy skin care products for at least a week before having brows done. These peel skin, as does waxing. Give your skin a break between the treatments.

2. Make sure the technician you go to knows what she’s doing. This is not always a given. Ask about her training and experience if you’re using her for the first time.

3. Don’t allow the technician to apply heavy creams to the skin right after waxing, particularly if you’re prone to breakouts. To calm pain and irritation, use a baby teething pain remedy like Oragel”.

4. Skip waxing if you have sensitive skin.

For best results when tweezing:

1. Start with a sharp, clean pair of tweezers. The choice of professionals? Tweezerman, ( www.tweezerman.com ) . They cost more than the typical pair of tweezers, but they offer lifetime sharpening and will last you for years. An excellent investment.

2. Tweeze right after your shower, when the skin is soft and malleable. If that’s not possible, place a warm washcloth over the brows for 5-10 minutes before plucking to soften the area.

3. Use natural light whenever possible.

4. Pull skin taut and remove unwanted hairs as close to the root as you can AND in the direction of growth.

5. Close pores with an astringent as soon as you’ve finished plucking.

Did You Know?
In the Middle Ages, when it was fashionable to wear large and outrageous headdresses, women removed all hair from eyelashes, eyebrows, and temples by plucking and shaving every day. Beginning around 476 A.D., this practice was still in vogue during the reign of Elizabeth I.

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