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Thursday, July 12, 2007

What is

Infidelity expert Stephany AlexanderOnline dating and infidelity expert Stephany Alexander is the CEO/Founder of, the world’s largest database rating men. She is the author of “Sex, Lies & the Internet – How to Avoid Being Scammed, Used & Abused by Men“.

1) First off, can you give us a quick summary in your words about what WomanSavers is, and why you started it?

Like many women, I survived various forms of abuse as a child and as an adult and decided it was time to stop living with the pain and start doing something to prevent further abuse for others. I created in 2002 after the break-up of a relationship because everywhere I turned I was reading and hearing stories about how women were being used and abused. I knew there could be a way to help solve this problem by women networking together through technology. The mission of is to help women worldwide avoid and prevent abusive and painful relationships by making more informed and safer decisions.

2) What kind of feedback having you been getting from women about the site?
Women absolutely love WomanSavers and I receive daily emails from women thanking me for giving them a voice because as long as women remain silent, they remain victims. WomanSavers is extremely popular to post about cheaters and lying and abusive men. There are tens of thousands of men currently listed, the largest database of its kind in the world. However, not all posts are negative. Many times married or involved women will post their partners to let the world know they are involved with a great guy who is taken. In addition, men frequently post themselves. However, when a man posts himself it can be quite obvious because they usually go on about how great in bed they are. Women rarely post about a man’s sexual skills but rather about infidelity, lying and abuse. WomanSavers is like a credit bureau for dating.

3) What are the limits, if any to your submissions process? What’s the line between rating/criticism, and defamation of character?
Before a woman posts she must agree to our terms and that she is telling the truth because the truth is 100 percent defense to libel and is covered under the First Amendment. If a woman lies, she leaves herself open to a possible libel lawsuit.

4) Have you faced any legal challenges or other threats because of this website? If so, how did you handle them?
No, because WomanSavers doesn’t do anything illegal and is covered under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act which basically states that a third party provider such as a blog owner, forum owner, or search engine is not held liable for what others say. WomanSavers is like a blank sheet of paper that allows women to write on it.

5) What happens when you get a complaint about a listing? Do you ever pull a rating, or edit it?
The law does not allow WomanSavers to edit or delete listings. Only the original author has the ability to do that because they wrote it. If a man disagrees with what was said, he is free to tell his side of the story. Upon notification, WomanSavers will remove personally identifying information such as social security numbers which could be used in identity theft. However, posting personally identifying information that could be used in identity theft is strictly against our terms of use.

6) What advice do you have for women who want to date men who *aren’t* listed on your site? How can they protect themselves?
First and foremost, I suggest women Google their potential dates, ask a lot of questions and phone them between the hours of 7-10pm to make sure they aren’t married or involved. You wouldn’t believe how many women constantly fall for the “I’m out of town working” line when the men are actually at home with their partners. In my book, “Sex, Lies and the Internet – How to Avoid Being Scammed, Used, and Abused by Men” I share all the top ways on how to avoid getting involved with an abusive or cheating man. I’ve spent the last five years of my life reading thousands of abuse and infidelity stories and have become the internet’s first and foremost online dating and infidelity expert. My members started calling me “Little Miss WomanSaver” many years ago and the name just stuck.

7) What’s your advice to men? How can they avoid a “bad rating”?
Don’t scam, use or abuse women. It’s as simple as that. Many of the men who are doing this to women are listed repeatedly in the database by multiple women. I’ve seen a serial bigamist in the database who was married to 7 different women and they found out about each other through the database. It’s very powerful. If a woman discovers a man she is involved with listed in the database and the listing has negative comments, proceed with caution.

8) What are your plans for the future of is growing at a phenomenal rate and is already in the top 5% most popular women’s websites in the world which shows the intense need for a service like this. Our sister site, is a place where men can post women but it isn’t as popular as WomanSavers. Women love to gossip and talk about their relationship experiences much more than men. It’s in our genes. Safe dating to all.

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