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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

New Category on Ethics Added to Sideroad

Ethics Consultant Christopher Bauer PhDDr. Christopher Bauer is the first expert to appear in a new category – Ethics – located at in the Business section. Dr. Bauer is a licensed psychologist with over twenty-five years of experience as an author, trainer, speaker, and consultant in the field of ethics. He brings the following articles:

Workplace Ethics: Your Values Are Showing – We all have virtuous values to which we aspire, but in the workplace we are more likely to be showing our actual values (things like avoiding conflict, and staying out of financial trouble). It is important to be aware of these distinctions so our behavior reflects the values we intend to project in the workplace.

Ethics Training – Why Not An Ounce of Prevention? – Most ethics problems are caused by otherwise good people who get involved in some kind of inappropriate behavior when trying to cope with a pressure or crisis and they don’t see the appropriate course of action either clearly or comfortably enough. Even a small amount of training on how to do so will help prevent ethics problems before they have the chance to occur and so can provide huge dividends.

The Value of a Strong Code of Ethics – Businesses with a strong code of ethics can save training costs, improve customer service, make better hiring decisions, and build their brand.

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