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Monday, October 29, 2007

Geralin Thomas with more Home Organizing Ideas

Geralin ThomasProfessional organizer Geralin Thomas has been bringing expert advice to The Sideroad since 2005. Today’s article, Quick Home Organizing Ideas, presents ten quick and easy-to-implement ideas for organizing the clutter and day-to-day “stuff” around your home with a special focus on the foyer or entryway. Find out how you can use a shower caddy, shoe holders, garment bags, and simple towel rods in innovative ways to control the clutter and organize essential household items. Read Quick Home Organizing Ideas.

Geralin Thomas of METROPOLITAN Organizing considers the lifestyle, budget, and personality of each client. Geralin works with homeowners, designers, builders, architects, and businesses creating organized environments and enhancing clients’ lives. Click for full bio.

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Friday, October 26, 2007

Rana Sinha on Business Etiquette in India

Cross Cultural ConsultantWesterners doing business in India need to show common sense, mutual respect and be sensitive to the context at all times. See the full article, Business Etiquette in India, Ranh Sinha outlines all the essential social etiquette for conducting business in India, including:
  1. Focus of Business
  2. Orientation to time
  3. Personal space
  4. Conversation
  5. Addressing others
  6. Giving Gifts
  7. Meetings and Negotiations
  8. Business Dress
  9. Visiting Cards
  10. Appointments
  11. Invitations
  12. Food and drink customs
Read the article Business Etiquette in India.

Rana Sinha (click for full bio) is a cross-cultural consultant and author who has lived in many places and traveled in over 80 countries. Rana specializes in designing and delivering cross-cultural training, professional communications skills, personal development, and management solutions to all types of organizations and businesses in many countries.

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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Frank G. Scarpaci on Project Planning

Project Development Consultant Frank ScarpaciIn today’s article, Project Management Plan, Frank G. Scarpaci outlines a six step plan to use for managing projects. The six steps include:

1. Goals
2. Deliverables
3. Tasks and Schedule
4. Resources
5. Reporting
6. Risks

Following a project management plan helps get projects completed on time and ensures they meet their initial goals.

Frank G. Scarpaci is the owner and founder of Project Designworks, a project, event, and organizational development consulting firm dedicated exclusively to progressive businesses, nonprofit organizations, and social entrepreneurs.

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